8 Tips For Starting Your Own Business

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Through the years, many women have asked me how I reached such success. They longed to have a company and an income of their own. These are the things that helped me the most. Some I knew when I started, others I learned along the way. I learned much of it the hard way. I hope these suggestions help you avoid some pitfalls and encourage you to go after an income of your own.have-a-partner-photo

  1. There is no simple path to follow to reach your dream goal. Look for one you love and are willing to work hard for.  It may take longer than you expect.
  2. It is important to know that your goal may change over the years. This is absolutely normal. I was a tour company, then a convention planning company before I realized transportation was my dream.
  3. Face your fears. It is okay to be afraid. Terrified sometimes is normal, expect it and deal with it head on.
  4. Have a fall back plan in case you have problems. My backup plan was to go back to nursing. I am a registered nurse. Through that, I resolved to return to work, pay off my bills and st
    art over.
  5. It is essential that you have a partner. Choose someone who you know has the skills you lack. I needed someone good at math. Math scared me to death, but having a partner good at math made us an awesome team. Remember, you cannot always control everything, so don’t try. You need to trust yourself and your partner and most of all; you must love what you are doing.
  6. Anticipate potential problems and address them before they are critical.
  7. Failure should never be an option. If you have problems, address them and go to your start over plan. Keep your back up plan in place and don’t be afraid to start over. You are a lot more prepared the second time around. You and your partner will do a better job the second time. Remember, there is a solution to every problem and your job is to find it.
  8. Know what help is available and how to get it. The Greater Chamber of Commerce, The Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Small Business Administration, many universities and the public library all offer help to businesses. Remember, help is not just in a book. It can be as close as a good friend or family member.

ask-for-help-photoMost important is to love what you are doing and never, ever give up. You can realize your dream if you are willing to work hard.

June Bratcher is the founder of Daisy Charters & Shuttles, a transportation company with 24 late model motor coaches and six million dollars in revenue.  When she started in 1980, she was “that woman owned bus company.” Now, she’s the competition. Her new book, You Are Driving Me Crazy, relates the triumphs and challenges she faced while growing a business in a traditionally male industry. June is still active in the day to day operations of Daisy Charters & Shuttles. She and her husband live in San Antonio, Texas.

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