Safety is part of everyone’s job description at Daisy.

Our sales staff checks times, schedules and itineraries to ensure they are well within the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration limits for driving time, on duty time and mileage. Dispatchers make sure that drivers have received their required off duty time between trips. When a long trip requires a relief driver, dispatch finds a suitable point on the route and sends the second driver well ahead of the group to rest up and clear hours.

  • All coaches are purchased new, in mint condition, so our mechanics know their features and maintenance history inside and out.
  • Mechanics follow a tight preventative maintenance schedule and have the authority to pull a coach out of service if they deem it necessary.
  • Drivers are required to do pre and post trip checks on the bus and its basic systems for every run they make.
  • Drivers have a say in routes, relief points and timing. We never ask a driver to take a run that he/she is not comfortable with.
  • Annual required CPR training.

Our safety director, Mike Catanese, has been with us for 20 years. He hires all our new drivers, maintains our drug and alcohol policy/testing and keeps us up to date on all new federal regulations. He also runs our quarterly safety meetings, handles the driver annual reviews and keeps an eye out for new safety technologies as they become available.